Dog Walking

Dogs should not be left alone for long periods of time — and it is vital that they get both physical and mental stimulation throughout the day. If you can’t walk your dog yourself, let Anja’s Animal Services help out!

Daily walks, tailored to your dog:

  • On or off lead as appropriate
  • Pick up and drop off at home
  • A different walk every day, to keep your dog mentally stimulated!

Prices start from just £10.

I take your dog’s safety seriously — find out about the car harnesses I use.

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Puppy Visits

It’s difficult leaving your puppies all alone when you go to work. But it’s important that they are not left alone for long periods of time, to prevent them getting lonely. If your puppy doesn’t get enough stimulation throughout the day, they may express this through unwanted behaviours such as inappropriate urination.

One visit per day, including:

  • Feeding and clean water
  • Cleaning up their mess
  • Lots of play and cuddles!

Once your pup has been inoculated, I can start taking them on short walks too.

Prices start from just £10.

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